Widows of Opportunity - Grief Day
We invite you to attend our 1st Annual  
October 17, 2016!

Are you struggling with the loss of your parent, child, sibling, best friend, significant other or loved one? Join Widows of Opportunity's Grief Day!

The goal of our Grief Day is to provide a safe place for those that have lost a loved one to explore and express their grief in a manner that is comfortable and healing in nature. Talking about grief with others who are also coping with the loss of a loved one often helps to reduce feelings of isolation and of not being understood.

Groups offer an opportunity for persons to connect with others who ‘get it.’  By sharing together, we seek to encourage, embrace, and ultimately empower one another. 

Join us October 17, 2016 at 7 PM at Long Creek Church of Christ, Columbia, SC 29229

Register at widowsofopportunity@yahoo.com with subject line Grief Day.

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