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Widows Of Opportunity


Widows of Opportunity™ is dedicated to helping widows, widowers and the bereaved achieve self-sufficiency, become the leaders of their homes/families and move forward on a positive path after coping with their loss.


The goal of our Grief and Loss workshop is to provide a safe place for widows, widowers and the bereaved to explore and express their grief in a manner that is comfortable and healing in nature. Talking about grief with others who are also coping with the death of a spouse/loved one often helps to reduce feelings of isolation and of not being understood. Groups offer an opportunity for persons to connect with others who ‘get it.’ By sharing together, we seek to encourage, embrace, and ultimately empower one another.  

In the Past Decade,

Widows of Opportunity has mailed out thousands of greeting cards to widows, widowers and the bereaved - to say Thank You, Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, Hope You Feel Better and more. We've visited numerous at their homes, in different states, in the hospital, and more. Widows of Opportunity is more than just a support group! We are an organization that understands, respects, and supports widows, widowers and the bereaved! 

 We are known in 34 states and 8 countries.

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Widows of Opportunity™ is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public nonprofit.

P.O. Box 292162, Columbia, SC 29223

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