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Widows of Opportunity's

Grief Sessions - Via Skype

Benefits of Widows of Opportunity’s Grief Sessions

After the loss of a loved one, we experience a wide variety of feelings and emotions. The ever-changing emotions we experience with grief can catch us off guard, causing us to act out of character, or differently than our typical personality and character.

We all need a support system to help us as we move through our grief journey. While family and friends are vital, unless they have experienced a close personal loss, they most likely don’t fully “get it.” That is where Widows of Opportunity can become a valuable resource.

After hearing your story, we will then determine where to place you in our course. We understand that everyone grieves differently and some are in different stages in their grieving journey. We will cater to our course to your needs and your needs only. 

Widows of Opportunity’s Grief Sessions offers:

  • Emotional support in a safe and open-minded atmosphere
  • The chance to begin the healing process through sharing your own story
  • Surviving skills to help you through the most challenging days of your grief journey
  • The opportunity to learn new traditions and ideas to keep loved ones present in your hearts and in your memories
  • Permission to grieve and permission to live a joyful productive life and more


only $89.99 per sessions

Invest in yourself and your health today. 

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