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 Grief & Loss Training


Our Grief & Loss training is designed for physicians, nurses, students, clergy, funeral directors, hospice staff, church leadership, ministers, mental health care providers, social workers, and other interested professionals,


  • Learn the grief process.
  • Learn the stages of grief.
  • Learn what not to say or do with the bereaved.
  • Learn helpful tips and skills to help the bereaved cope with their loss.
  • Expand your knowledge of grief and loss and more. 

Book Kimberly Richardson Today!

Mary M. Coordinator said:

Kimberly Richardson spoke to over 500 bereaved women at our Women's Conference, on appreciating their husbands before it is too late. She was honest, engaging and an overall great speaker. She brought laughter to our audience. 

Kenny V. Church Leadership said:

Kimberly is a brilliant grief training. She is very knowledgeable. We hired Kimberly to train our group. Before she left the stage we had already decided to have her speak at our future event.

Richard L. Rotary Club said:

Kimberly Richardson knows her stuff and how to customize her presentation to suit the needs of her audience. She is funny, motivating, relatable and knowledgeable.

Widows of Opportunity's Grief and Loss Workshop's Testimony

Losing a loved one, a classmate/co-worker leaving, a break-up, moving away, a divorce, etc. can be very painful. You may experience all kinds of difficult emotions and it may feel like the pain and s...

Grief Training - People Grieve Year Around

Widows of Opportunity's Grief Training

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Widows of Opportunity's Grief Training

Widows of Opportunity's Grief Workshop

Things not to say to someone that is grieving.

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